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ABL Advisor Article

Fluctuating Jewelry Market Can Leave Lenders Scratching Their Heads

“You don’t know what you don’t know.” This saying holds true no matter the topic…

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ABL Advisor

Lending to the Jewelry Industry: Prudence Will Pay Off

From a jewelry industry ABL position, calendar 2015 was quite a rollercoaster ride…

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Michael Lebowitz: Risk-Free Holiday Spice

A strategic memo strategy can fill holes and add interest during the peak season.
Memo can greatly help the bottom line…

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MHL Trading Launched by Jewelry Industry Veteran Lebowitz

New York-based firm specializes in close-out and overstock inventories; inventory appraisals for asset-based lenders; consignment programs…
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Chain Store Age

‘The King Kong of Jewelry’: Signet-Zales deal creates a conundrum for retailers and malls

Signet Jewelers’ $1.4 billion deal to acquire 90-year-old jewelry mainstay…
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When It All Began

5 jewelers share their origin stories, and what you can learn from them
THINK BACK to how it all began.
You made your girlfriend a bracelet out of beads; you began selling turquoise out of the trunk of your car; you set up a booth at a local craft fair…
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